This service allows the download of geomagnetic data from 21 observatories belonging to the BCMT network.
For convenience, a direct access to the databank is also proposed, either through a web browser
or a FTP connection to our server 'ftp.bcmt.fr' (use login 'bcmt_public' and password 'bcmt').

Available Observatories              

Date Range   from...          to... 

Data Type v : Raw variation, available within 1 day and in near-realtime (1 hour latency) for most observatories.
p : Provisional (verified and despiked), available for AMS, CZT, DMC, DRV and PAF within 1-2 months.
q : Quasi-definitive, available within 1.5 to 3 months after data collection.
d : Definitive, available within 5 to 9 months after the end of the year.

Data Interval 1-second, not available for: BNG, BOX, PSM, QSB, TAN and VLJ.
Hourly means*
Daily means*
Monthly means*             * only for quasi-definitive and definitive data

Data Format IAGA-2002

Options Include BCMT databank folders (Observatory/DataType/DataInterval/Year) within the data archive